I am devouring books, searching out websites, research papers to see how far I can improve my condition. I am researching and testing alternative medicines on myself with the knowledge of all of my regular doctors. My primary care doctor is an Osteopath, so he is more open to different methods and herbal treatments.

This has been quite a journey so far. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney disease last year. Unfortunately through a bunch of medical errors and lack of information I wasn’t told soon enough to stop it from getting this far.  Now I am having to work twice as hard to not slip further down to require dialysis or a transplant.  I have found that the doctors and dieticians really don’t want to do anything for you except push you into dialysis as that is the money maker for them. There is so much conflicting diet information out there that I want this site to be and do a better job of educating my fellow CKD Warriors!  Even my dietician has provided me with some bad advice. Long-term kidney disease and the management of the disease aren’t really taught in medical schools.  So now I have decided to further my education and try for a degree in nutrition for CKD suffers.